A great way to start of the New Year is with a bit of inspiration. I am pleased to say that some of the ladies who took our first Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop were kind enough to share photos of their first projects....

so here we go!

Claudine had some fun and mixed Aubusson Blue with Cream for her first coat. Her second coat was Cream and topped it with Dark Wax. She liked the "beachy" look and is ready to start her second project using just the Aubusoon. Thanks Claudine!

Claudine was also our winner of the ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT AMERICAN TOUR GIVEAWAY! Congratulations Claudine!!!

This is Sarah's project piece.

Sarah sanded down the top of this dresser and rubbed it down with dark wax. She then painted one coat of Graphite followed by 2 coats of Emperor's Silk and after distressing, finished up with dark wax. I just love Emperor's Silk....Great job Sarah!

Dani...your desk looks very rustic and wonderful!!

Ladies, thank you so much for sharing your photos and for the positive feedback on our ASCP workshop. There is nothing like the feeling in a room when everyone is so excited and passionate about the same things! We loved having you!

Carrie and Elinor


Feb 06, 2016

ASCP really inspire me. First photo is perfect for my
mckinley hill condo. :)

Aileen Collins
Feb 06, 2016

Dani and Sarah, I loved your projects!!!
Emperor’s Silk will be in my next paint batch!

Feb 06, 2016

Hi, ladies!!!
I am so excited to be the winner of ASCP American Tour Giveway!!! Thank you!!!
Yes, the paint does inspire me!
I have tons of projects waiting and if you can believe it 2 friends already asked me to paint stuff for them…
I just came back from Brazil a week ago and got a new puppy so I couldn’t paint anything this week, but you won’t have to wait too long since this paint makes the process so much faster!!! I will send new pictures soon!!!

Feb 06, 2016

wow….great jobs…thanks for sharing!

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