Well, the day is here...our first ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT WORKSHOP!
We have every colour ready to go!

We are excited for the arrival of 12 creative and beautiful women!

It is almost time.....

And we are off and creating! I think we will start off with a little finger painting!

Just like when we were kids!

Everyone created their own custom

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint hand painted colour card.

This will make picking a colour at home much easier!

A palette of wonderful colours!

Everyone tested their new paint brushes and got to work painting,

creating, learning and sharing.

It was a joy to spend the day with so many women who were so excited

about learning something new.

Time just flew by....

How do you pick a favorite???

Everyone was so happy...just look at these beautiful smiles!

We did take a short break for lunch but even the empty table was a work of art don't you think?

More smiling happy ladies!

It was so wonderful to spend the day doing what you love!

Elinor did a great job sharing all the important information and painting secrets!

The secret is in the wax!

It has been a dream of mine to bring like minded people together under one roof to share and create. Everyone showed up for the workshop full of enthusiasm and it was truly the people that made the day so successful!

Good luck to each of you as you begin your projects at home.

Thank you and we look forward to next time!


Feb 06, 2016

So fun…Great pics…Wonderful idea!

Vintage Home
Feb 06, 2016

Love love the pallet card for paint colors! Please post your next Annie Class!!!

Show me the Treasure!
Feb 06, 2016

Oh no, this looks absolutely fun and creative and I missed it! When will you do another class? Where can I get these gorgeous paints? Linda in Michigan

Linda Darian
Feb 06, 2016

Hi, Carrie!!! Great pictures!!
Guess what??? I finished my first project!!!!
I am going to send you pictures! I made an album in my Facebook, I am not sure if we are “friends” of Facebook? I “liked” your store on my Facebook.
Thank you for the WONDERFUL workshop!!!
See you soon!

Feb 06, 2016

Really looks like a terrific workshop! I’ll have to participate in one ;-)

Edins House

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