Items here at The Passionate Home come and go so quickly sometimes, I do not get a chance to take photos and share them, but not take a peek at some new items in store! These shoes are very cool as they hold a wine bottle and make the perfect girlfriend gift! We have also sold them for jewelry and for shoe lovers just to admire!

We received two of these lamps and they match the chandelier in store! The set would make a great addition to someones bedroom.....

A shipment of signs just arrived in store. You can never have enough of a good thing! We have so many words, signs and quotes around our home that last week my daughter had some friends over and one mentioned that with all the words he had read while at our home he felt inspired and was sure that he was going to go somewhere in life! (was he just trying to be funny!)

Another item you can never have enough of is CLOCKS!!!

Chipping and old...just the way I like them!

Wedding gift perhaps??

We try to always have a selection of bedside tables!

This one is so cute, love it!

Vintage beautiful!

Well, that is it for today but you must visit the store and check us out on facebook to keep right up to date on daily treasure arrivals!

Thanks for visiting!