WELCOME to our 2nd ANNUAL CANADIAN FARM CHICK GARDEN & TAG SALE! This year we shopped the famous FARM CHICK ANTIQUE SHOW in Spokane WA and brought home all sorts of treasures to share with our customers. We have also combined this years event with our annual GARDEN SALE! As you can see, we are dressed and ready for the big weekend!

Take a peek...

So many one-of-a-kind finds!

Almost time...

I think this is my most favorite sign I have ever created!

At least I know that it went to a good home!

Chicks & Hen Tricycle just waiting to go home with someone special!

Can you smell the lavender? The lemonade is chilling and the pound cake is moist, I think we are ready for our fellow Farm Chicks to arrive!

Our first "CHICK" with Elinor.

If you came dressed as a Farm Chick you went home with a FREE GIFT!

And they just kept was a great day!

Sandra, I love the eggs...straight from the farm!

Friends & Family

Always a pleasure to see Pamela & her sister Val! Happy Birthday Pamela!

We had so much fun with this event and we want to thank everyone who came out to be a part of excitement! A BIG thank you to Crazy Bob for setting us up with some good old country & western music. Singing and dancing always makes a party!

Until next time, Party On Y'all!