DATE: Friday June 3, 4 & 5 2011

TEAM TPH included: Carrie, Elinor, Joanna, Maris, Ed & Mike

DESTINATION: The Farm Chick Antiques Show in Spokane, Washington

After a quick meet up at Starbucks across the line, we excitedly began our journey south, planning our attack and remaining focused on the real reason for our trip, to have FUN, to score TREASURES & to be FIRST in line at the Farm Chick Show the following morning.

I am happy to share with you that our hard work paid off and the Canadian Girls armed with lawn chairs, a cooler full of water and power bars, were number TWO in line! Yes, that is correct, that is us sitting pretty, right next to the gate that will swing open in only 2.5 hours!

As you can see, it was a beautiful day and it was a great opportunity to get to know each other better and meet other "Chicks" from all over the U.S. Maris and Joanna took us up on our invitation to join us, so this is their first Farm Chick Show and they are very excited and we are excited to have them along!

Since this was not my first time at the Farm Chick Show, I knew a bit about what to bring along for the day. Not only did we pack lawn chairs and a cooler, we also brought along our own personal Sherpas! Two to be exact. Sporting their Canadian pins, these boys duties included driving us to the show (9 hours), fetching our morning Starbucks (so that we could line up earlier), being available via text to pick up our purchases during the show and taking them to our van, making sure everyone was well hydrated and fed, as we stayed focused on our mission, finding out which pub in Spokane would be playing the Canucks Game for us after the show...and the list goes on! This was no small task, I mean there was four of us gals and only two of them (and one went mysteriously missing part way through??), but we made due!

Many, many people arrived after us but, we never saw them because we were in the FRONT!

I must give a shout out to my personal Sherpa Mike, because I had ladies coming up to me during the show saying, "Are you the Canadian girls in the front whose husbands brought coffees? How did you get them to come to the show? And "is that your husband? He is so wonderful, he carried my table all the way to my car for me!" (later I found out that is because he thought the lady said she was parked in row "B" not "P") I had to put a stop to that kind of chivalry, he may become too tired to help ME! I would say there were many "random acts of kindness" made on this day, thanks honey!

Sporting our matching Canadian dog tags, we finally entered the building and proceeded to one of my favorite vendors, RETREAT. I loved this little cabinet, but it was already sold!

Booth upon booth of beautiful creations, it is hard to decide which way to go next!

The vendors did an amazing job with their booths and display, it all was very inspiring!

This vendor is BLUE CANOE, and I remembered his beautiful booth from last year. You could just stand forever and just admire and be near it. Do you know what I mean?

So romantic, so beautiful!

I was inspired by so many lovely displays.


OH MY, this was a surprise, so many beautiful linens and pillows brought from Germany

When I turned 40, I want cowboy boots for my birthday, well, that was three years ago and I still do not own a pair! But, just look see what I found at the show! Unfortunately, you can see that this particular pair belong to the lovely lady who is wearing them, but do not be sad for me because she told me where her husband bought them and it is never too late! I am on the hunt for "Gringos"!

Another new vendor I discovered was BURLAP AND BOXWOOD. I absolutely loved everything she had (note to self, next year bring more money and a trailer!)


EURO-LINENS, I wanted it ALL!

I even wanted what was not for sale. On one of the rare trips I took outside to load the van, look what drove into the parking lot. Mike and I have always wanted an old truck and I think once we painted "THE PASSIONATE HOME" on the side of this one, it would do just right. Mike and I were both in agreement but.....

looks like I would be the only one allowed to drive it....sorry honey!

Back inside, the treasure hunting continues!

The day is done for these Canadian gals, the hockey game is about to start (although Joanna begged to stay behind), both vans were full, our feet were sore, our mouths were parched, but FUN was had by all and I personally brought home just a few lovies to share with my PASSIONATE HOME FAMILY!


will be June 25 & June 26. If you are on the "LIST" you will receive an official invite soon. If you are not on the "LIST" you can still come and purchase your own FARM CHICK TREASURE, we will post info on TPH web page.

Hope to see y'all there!