It was April 30, Saturday night at 5pm that we closed the doors on The Passionate Home's old location, packed up our bags and moved across the lane into our future.

After 2 1/2 hours and many trips across the lane, this is how the new store looked as we closed up for the evening in order to get a good nights sleep in order to get an early start Sunday morning.

Monday morning the old awning came down and the new one went up.

New signage too!

Wednesday at 10am we open the doors to our customers in our new location.


Join me for a little tour of our new local. The new space is large enough to carry a few custom upholstered pieces, something I have always wanted to carry! Don't they look GREAT!

To the right we have a seasonal area and believe it or's SPRING! So, here you will find lovies for your outdoor living areas and garden.

To the left you will find a beautiful selection on jewelry.

A few steps into the store and this farmhouse table sits in the center of the shop.

Tableware on your right,

and soaps and beach/cottage treasures in the back left.

Opposite is the new baby area, with new items arriving daily!

In the center back we hung a collection of mirrors to reflect the natural light and to make the the back of the store just as special and fun as the front!

Here is the new front counter, it is an old store counter and we matched it up with our old counter in order to have a nice long and spacious area for our customers. Behind the counter we hung an old garden gate and flanked it with topiary trees in urns in order to replicate The Passionate Home logo.

And before the tour ends, here is the view from the back looking forward.

You must really come for a visit and experience the new location for yourself, we would love to show you around!


Feb 06, 2016

HEY! I recognize that sign!!! ;0)
You’ve really done a lovely job – and it looks as if our Retreat-made ‘Garden’ sign is loving her new home on top of your cabinet. Thanks!

Deb Kennedy

Feb 06, 2016

Congrats on your new store location. It looks so inviting. I will definately have to come for a visit!


French Vanilla
Feb 06, 2016

Yes, we are Friday until 5:30PM. Thanks C

The Passionate Home
Feb 06, 2016

Are you open late fridaY?

Pink Satin Sashes
Feb 06, 2016

It is absolutely gorgeous Carrie…..sending a great BIG CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB VERY WELL DONE your way!
Happy day!

Feb 06, 2016

OH I am so sad I didn’t get there last night…congratulations and YOUR chairs are wonderful

Vintage Home
Feb 06, 2016

I’m hoping there’s a coupon for those amazing scented body lotions! I can’t wait to get the lemon, the coconut . . . Yummy! Loved the store . . . looks very appealing to all my senses. I’m sure this will be a fav for lots of ladies! We’ve got to let the guys know about it too! Great sparkly jewellery!



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