WOW, what a learning experience this floor has been. We have finished applying two coats of clear coat in the new Passionate Home location and I think I have made a few enemies in my neighbours due to the smell. I guess I just wasn't thinking that it would be that bad, but apparently, it was BAD! Looking on the positive side, there was a lesson learned!

On to one of the exciting parts of this project, I made time to shop at a few New & Used Building Supply stores and just look at those babies in the back. Do you see them? The tall dark and handsome ones?? My husband said that I was crazy, but my heart made me dream about them and my fingers made me call the company the next day to hold them for me...Oh, happy day!

So, once the nice gentleman cut them in half to fit into my van, and I applied a little TSP & TLC, they made their way into the new location, ready and standing tall for someone to lovingly fit them into place. We had just enough to do just one wall, so we lined them up against the wall that is painted Oxford White and they look wonderful! After all, The Passionate Home is all about Reclaiming, Restyling & Redecorating...I am just doing my job!

For the rest of space we just used regular old primed baseboards, but I must say, mouldings really finish a space nicely and I think we only have about a thousand holes to fill!

The best part of this step in the project is this man...With my right hand still in a brace I can not even lift a book let alone a nail gun, so I had to ask for help. Really, who am I kidding, this project would have taken me a full day and it only took this man a few hours! I am so very thankful for friends...Stan you're the best! (you too Tracey!)

At this point in the game, the hero in my story is still smiling. When he got to my 90 year old dark and handsome moulding, I think he said something about being as hard as "petrified wood" and having to turn the power up on his nail gun, but really, can wood really be as hard as stone?? It is at this point that all I can do is smile! After all, how is a girl to know? Another lesson learned!



Feb 06, 2016

Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!


Feb 06, 2016

It’s gonna look so fabulous Carrie, can’t wait!!


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