This past weekend Elinor, Susan and I hit the road at 6 AM and headed south to the Island Chick Show in Anacortes. Visions of vintage, garden and more dancing threw our heads. It turns out that it did not take as long as we thought and we arrived at our destination before some of the vendors, so we enjoyed a very delicious breakfast and vanilla latte at The Calico Cupboard Cafe & Bakery.

We were lined up at 8:30 for a 9 am opening. There were a few vendors set up outdoors and this trophy was the first thing that I spotted. Unfortunately, it was the one that got away. I am sure it made someone else very happy!

Once the line started to move I said, "okay ladies, lets head for the back and work our way to the front". But, once I got in the first thing I see is one of my favorite vendors RETREAT! "okay ladies, plan B, you are on your own, I am going here first!" (I did say it nicely) RETREAT always has such an inspiring display and so many wonderful items, it was a great start!

This dresser reminded me of the one I saw in Donna's home from FUNKY JUNK INTERIOR. One day, I am going to do this!! (I keep saying that but I do mean it)

Did I mention that I love RETREAT? Here is one of the happy moments of the day and do you see that Garden sign behind me??? I took it home for some lucky person! My husband said that the lucky person can not be me, so I will bring it into the store when we have moved into our larger location at the end of the month. For now, I am LOVING IT at home!

So many wonderful ideas and finds, I wanted to take it all home to my NEST!

Loving these bracelets made from old buckles. The one of the top left was my favorite.

I think I have a thing for words..I loved this little cooler. Remember the days the milk man would come to the house? Oh, the good old days! Sometimes, he would give us chunks of ice to eat, and that would make it a good day!

Happy Spring!

So many beautiful displays!

Reclaim - Restyle

Spring colour everywhere!

Love this bird hotel!

After the show we walked up the street and visited Days Gone By Antique Mall, Alley Cat Antiques & Maison Jardin where we picked up these cowboy hats in preparation for the

Farm Chick Show in Spokane in June. You can see that I was sporting a Canucks Jersey, just saying, we are proud to be Canadians!

It was a great day and a great show! I understand that the ladies from the Island Chick Show will be posting a video on Facebook, so I will be sure to forward that when it comes out...You may just see a few familiar faces!

Happy Spring! C

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