Like a day in kindergarten, I spent the day drawing and painting, but different from kindergarten, I was allowed to paint on the floor! Now that the sub floor is finished in The Passionate Home's new location, the next step is to put my own stamp on it! I ripped a page out of a magazine once of a star that I thought that maybe one day I would paint it on a floor. Well, the day is here. I took my wrinkled up piece of paper to Staples and for $12 they made it much, much bigger!
So, I traced the outline on the floor and mixed a chocolate brown paint and a light brown to create my long awaited star. This was a long process considering I only have the use of my left hand! I must say that things moved a bit too slowly and I had to use my right hand just a bit!

Here is another picture that I am painting on the floor of the new space. I am using the same layout that I used to paint my living room coffee table.
Almost done...
In the center of the store I stenciled "Live with Passion". I currently have this quote over the door of my current location and I just love it. I will distress all my handy dandy artwork before we stain. My hope is that it will look like it has been there for years!
Still, lots of work to do. In the mean time,

I hope you are "Living with PASSION".