If you need to know in advance that everything will "work out" before you jump in, you'll never jump into anything! (thanks for the smile Johnny)
The Passionate Home is MOVING, GROWING, EXPANDING and we are JUMPING IN WITH BOTH FEET! Most of you have been with me since we opened our first location in Langley 5 years ago. Our first location was about as large as a postage stamp (480 square feet) and we soon had to knock down a wall to make things just a bit bigger, gaining an extra 180 sf. After 2 years we moved on over to McBurney Lane and gained a bit more space and a pretty outdoor courtyard. Well, it has been 3 years and I think it is time again!
We will be moving across the courtyard into the old Umtali Arts (Spot of Africa) location. This is what the area looks like today. I thought it might be fun to share with you the transformation of our new home. BIG changes happening to the exterior of the building, but you will have to wait and see. Today, let me take you inside.
WELCOME to our new home! It does not look like much today, but just you wait! When we first took over this space it had a mix of old carpeting and dark green tile...no, no, no, that will just not do! This building is older and has seen just a few make-overs making the floor a map of hills and valleys, so flooring options have proven to be our first dilemma.
Our budget is tight for this project so we have decided to remove the carpet and put down a new 5/8" T & G plywood sub floor and stain it ourselves. Today I will go out in search of the perfect colour stain. (Funny, my husband suggested the colour I stained the stairs might be nice! I think he likes the stairs!!! No, the stairs are not done yet...did I mention I pulled all the tendons in my right arm? Did I mention that I am right handed? More on that later!)
Here is a view of the inside looking out of the front doors. All that teal colour around the doors and windows will be painted out in black. After the installation of the floor, I will call the painters. Once they start, I will share with you the colours that will provide our background and let me tell you, this was not an easy decision!
Our new location is just over 1500 square feet and it will allow us to have a bit of a meeting/craft/networking/workshop/unpacking/whatever we want space. Having this extra space is something that I have dreamt about since our first "Decorating Dilemma Workshop".
(There was only room to seat about 8 ladies and we had to put the wine and cheese outside in the hallway and that is just NOT acceptable!) See that hole in the wall? That is just a hole, no electrical here. Oh and did I mention that there are no light switches in this space, just a breaker box. I think I need an electrician! This will be the front counter area and I am sure I will need a chandelier and some power here!!
My plan is to share with you our progress as we transform this location into a space full of PASSION for you and your home. So many of you have shared in our journey since we opened 5 years ago and for that I am forever grateful. My hope is that you find inspiration in this story and that you can relate it to your own life and that you may decide to "JUMP" into something that you have always dreamt about.

Bye Bye old carpet...there is no looking back now!

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