No, I am not finished yet! For those of you who are wondering what is taking so long, well, here is an update. I have stained the steps and I will be putting on the third clear coat tonight. I love the way they are looking and once the moldings are on and I give them and the risers one more coat of paint, I think we will be done! Oh, and the hand rail needs just one more coat. Oh, and the new moldings along the floor will need a coat and around the door needs a little TLC. Maybe I am not as close to being done as I thought! Let me share with you why this project is taking a bit longer than it should.

Sargent has not been feeling very well. It all started one evening, late at night when he was sick at the top of the stairs and all down the stairs! (I am sure Mike is thanking me now for removing the carpet!) I was wondering if Sargy didn't like the colour stain I chose? But, it continued for the next three days and he would not eat or drink. I will not get into the graphic details, but today he is feeling much better. So, thanks to Sarg, I had to move cleaning my carpets up on my list of things to do!

Another delay...the evening my husband went out of town, he put a new bottle of water on our water dispenser and the next morning we woke to find that all the water had disappeared! This mystery lead me into the crawl space where I found that thanks to a crack in the water jug, all the water had leaked out and ran between my floor and the moldings. The insulation under this area in the kitchen was good and wet, so I pulled it out and discovered we had an unwanted view of my backyard! It is about now that I am wondering when Mike is due home! So, instead of working on my stairs, I took a trip to Home Depot for insulation, dressed in my best rubber gloves, mask, goggles and toque and got to work. Oh, if you could have seen me!

And don't forget the store! I need to deliver something new every day. I purchased this plastic dress form and I am planning on covering it with sheet music. I have never done this before, so stay tuned and I will post before and after photos. After all, I need to do something while the clear coat on my stairs is drying!

I love vintage dress forms! Here is one I use in the store to display jewelry. So pretty!

Last week, I added "the perfect man" to my collection! After I took off his ugly grey sweater, just look at how handsome he is! I don't now if I can sell him! I hate it when this happens! Anyway, for now he sits quietly and listens to my stories of how beautiful my stairs are going to be! I can talk to him about all my future projects and I don't get that same look from him as I do when I share my ideas with Mike! Maybe I should take him home? I have just the spot in my hall, right next to my stairs. Oh, I can see it already!! :) I had better get to work on those stairs!

Make it a great day!