Well, nothing is ever as easy as it looks! My son and I have removed all the carpet off the stairs, pulled every staple and sanded for 4 hours straight! (both of us!) This is why you should never wash the kitchen brings you to the mouldings, which bring you to the walls, which turns into the hall...I think you get the picture. The never ending story? No, I see the end in sight thanks to Diane at "In My Own Style", I have my eye on the prize! My husband on the other hand does not see the same picture, but he will!

The carpet was sort of glued along the wall, so we had to do some sanding and filling and more sanding and priming, but I think it is looking good! I am not so sure about this plywood landing but I am working on it. Any ideas?

The risers are not great so we had to fill some areas and sand just a bit more!!

I also took this opportunity to paint the banister and all the rails. After all, it is only fair that if the stairs are getting a face lift that the railing gets one too! Next, we primed the risers...looking good!

Once the banister was painted the walls looked a bit dull so...I painted the hallway too! Everything is looking so clean and fresh. I just wish my husband could feel my joy. I am tired but happy!

Last night my husband came home with these beautiful flowers...Why you ask? I think he wants me to forgive him. I think he is saying that although he hates the mess I am making, he trusts me!


Feb 06, 2016

Hey sis,
We are demoing our family room and it has the wide planks of reclaimed wood.
Do you want a few pieces for your landing?
Speak now or you know how the saying goes……..

Feb 06, 2016

That is a smart man!! He knows you are doing a great job and its a lot of work, but it is going to be beautiful!!Yeah… an end in sight! Can’t wait to see the finished project, you’re doing a great job!
Carol in GA

Antiques & Uniques
Feb 06, 2016

…wow I am proud of you!

Vintage Home
Feb 06, 2016

Haven’t seen a new post from you lately. Still working on the stairs?? Come see me!
Carol in Georgia

Antiques & Uniques
Feb 06, 2016

It was I, on the other hand, who had to ask forgiveness of my DH. I nagged him until he moved all the larger pieces of furniture into our new floorplan (on his only day off) But it is wonderful! I am going on Tuesday to look at a smaller loveseat at Ikea. Everyone loves not having to step over each other in the tiny TV room. The dog loves it too.
Thank you so very much. Hugs

Lady Pamela

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