I would be lying if I said that I did not already have a "FEW" projects on the go but, after a rather large martini and a very inspiring BLOG post, "My Foyer Staircase Reveal" by Daine at "In my own Style"....I felt that old familiar feeling of uncertainty mixed with excitement. Could my stairs look as wonderful as the one on the screen in front of me? I am thinking so! And not only that but my son said "you can do it" and he would help!

Since my husband was not home at the time, my "partner" and I took just a little "look see" under the carpet. It looked just like the "before" pictures of the BLOG that I was reading and I am thinking that, that is a good thing! So, here we sat, waiting for my husband to come home just to be sure that he would be okay with this idea. Well, we sat and sat and he was late, so....we started without him! While we were tugging away at the carpet and wondering just how many staples could there he walked! I can not share exactly what happened next but.....

by 10:30pm we had 3 steps done! Not bad! I can so totally picture how BEAUTIFUL our steps are going to look. My husband on the other hand is not as visual. I will keep you posted!

Today is the morning after and I am glad that although slightly "tipsy" as my son tells me...



Feb 06, 2016

YESSSS!! They’ll be so fab you’ll wonder why you took so long. :)


Funky Junk Interiors
Feb 06, 2016

Yeah, you go girl!! I bet they are going to look fantastic!We can’t wait to see the “reveal”!!
Carol in Georgia

Antiques & Uniques
Feb 06, 2016

Good for you Carrie, no turning back now!!

Feb 06, 2016

It’s all my fault, the martini was A large one. 3 Olives. Carrie assures me everything will be fine. My son is helping her, so with his common sense and natural positive outlook, what’s the worst that can happen?! The professional’s come in! And Viola new Floors. :)I do appreciate all the step by step blogs and websites.Really.
Love ya Honey!
The Husband!
ps no more martini’s!

Snake Dog
Feb 06, 2016

Hi Carrie-
Way to go. I told my husband what you did when your hubby wasout. He remembers all too well when I told him what I wanted to do to ours. He was very skeptical and didn’t like the way the steps sounded or felt after the carpet was removed. He knows me well enough to trust my instincts and went along. He helped me with lots of the sanding. Now he loves them so much better. You are in the hardest part right now. Once all the carpet is off and you get the sanding done – it gets really easy and you will start to see the efforts of your labor. I didn’t put it in my post but I bought a little purple hand sander at Lowes to get into the corners of each step where my electric sander could not reach. It cost under 10 dollars.
As I said in my post, mine steps are not perfect – one of the risers was very rough and would not get smooth. Once the paint was on – you can not see it as much. Good luck – it will worth it.
My best- Diane


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