What a way to start off the New Year! Canadian House & Home Magazine says that The Passionate Home is "WORTH THE DRIVE"! Tucked inside the January 2011 issue is the H&H Shopping Guide and this is what they said about The Passionate Home!

French country chic is hard to resist at the best of times - it's just all so charmant! - let alone when it beckons among a whimsical mix of upcycled, vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces, as it does at The Passionate Home. Located in historic McBurney Lane, this dangerously affordable shop trades on the thrill-of-the-find. It's a treasure trove for a romantic nursery (vintage iron and Provencal-inspired daybeds), nostalgic garden accessories (wrought iron galore) and repurposed "junk style" pieces. If you can't decide what to grab, go for a bottle of Pre de Provence French soap - at least you'll feel like you took part.

Let me tell you that after reading this, I was so thankful to H&H for putting into words, that which I sometimes find so difficult to explain. Their description of the store is exciting and great and it made me so proud! Sometimes, when you are in your own business everyday and you are constantly trying to do better, you wonder what other people see. Thank you H&H and thank you to everyone who has shown support for The Passionate Home. It means more to me than I will ever be able to put into words.

As a small business owner, I am also so very grateful to the local community who chose to shop local this holiday season. Downtown Langley ran the "WIN THE WINDOW"contest where local businesses donated a gift to the window and every time you made a purchase at one of the participating merchants, you could enter to win the more than $5000 worth of gifts. I am happy to say that Jackie made her first visit to The Passionate Home and entered to win. On December 22 her name was pulled from thousands of entries and although Jackie had to work, I was excited to meet her husband and help him load up his treasures. Congratulations Jackie and Kurt and thank you for shopping at TPH.

From my family to yours, we wish you happiness, health and success in this New Year. May you easily find the strength to take the first step towards whatever it is you dare to dream for 2011!