I am always excited to see a magazine in my mailbox and this month I was treated to a new magazine compliments of Invis-Feisal & Associates Mortgage Consulting, http://www.yourmortgageexperts.ca/. The title was HOME & MORTGAGE, but what really caught my eye was what was under the title...Sarah Richardson at Work & Play! I ran home from the mailbox! Open page 10, Sarah Richardson ingenuity at work, I can not read quick enough. One of Canada's favorite designers shares her sources of inspiration, colour palette preferences and relaxed reno philosophy. The article is in an interview format and there is a wonderful picture of Sarah and Tommy smiling right at me! It was a wonderful interview, but what I really wanted to share with you was something that Sarah said. The interview question was, "On what particular project did you learn the most, were most proud of the results, or had the most fun?" The part of the answer that interested me most was when she said, "The country home was the most challenging, rewarding and fun. It was the most fun because it was a beautiful country setting and we used the type of furniture that I love: vintage finds from flea markets that were painted or refinished." I think Sarah needs to visit The Passionate Home!

Have a great day! C