I desperately needed more display area in the store and did not want to just go out and purchase something, I wanted to RECLAIM, RESTYLE & REDECORATE! After all, that is what we are all about here at TPH. So, I thought I would share with you how an idea became reality! It all started with this great old country cabinet found at a local antique store. One look at all those shelves and I hauled this little baby into my van! Actually, two strong men lifted it into my van, but, I however, was able to pull it half way out once I got home!

I took the doors off and attacked the whole unit with my Dewalt orbital sander. You can see the difference between the sanded top shelf and what it looked like before the sanding.

I also purchased some very old and very dirty barn boards to build extra shelves. The one on the left is how they came and the one on the right is how it looks after a good sanding. After sanding these boards, I looked like the board on the left!

Once the barn wood boards were all nice and clean, I coated them with clear varathane. In this photo, the one of the left is the "after" board.

Here is a closer look at how varathane can make a big difference.

Once the whole piece was clean, sanded and varathaned, I attached the doors to either side of the cabinet to make one eight foot long display area. The barn boards where cut to fit on the doors and I attached each shelf with rod iron brackets.

Ta Da! Here is the finished unit! Just look at all that display area! Even though I said that I did it all, I must confess, nothing is ever as easy as it starts out to be. I guess you could kinda say that this was a family project! And for those of you who were shopping a TPH that Sunday...I apologize for the chaos and thank you for your positive encouragement!

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