On our continual quest to offer our customers hand picked treasures, Mike and I are headed south to Seattle. First stop is the Sand Point Antique & Design Market ~ Antique, Vintage & Junk Show. This show takes place on the second Saturday of each month. Being this was our first time to this show, I was very excited to see what sort of treasures where about to be discovered! Though we found the show smaller than we had envisioned, the booths were well displayed and there were lots and lots of great finds!

Loved this booth! All that vintage fabric made into beautiful pillows and the most beautiful handmade roses. I would take it all if I had the room!

Beautiful display and lots of ideas. Loved the numbers and all the industrial pieces. Check out this lovely ladies finds at http://www.fussbucketsworld.blogspot.com/.

Here is another booth...here is where I am wishing we brought a truck! I would take that daybed in an instant!

One of the great things about visiting all these flea markets is that it is a constant supply of ideas, inspiration and happiness! (I am sure you know what I am talking about)

We enjoyed lunch at Pike Place Market in Seattle. If you have never been, Pike Place Market is one of the oldest continually operated public markets in the United States.

So full of colours, flavours, smells, wares, cultures and so much more! Visit http://www.pikeplacemarket.org/.

We woke early Sunday morning, visited the closest Starbucks and headed over to Fremont. We are always lucky at this flea market that happens every Sunday. Tents line the street with fresh cooked treats, handmade wares, antiques and collectibles.

I am all about recycling, so I just loved this tent filled with old blazers and jackets that have been recreated into stylish one-of-a-kind pieces. This blazer was one of my favorites with the birds on the front and the addition of the hood. He had lots of different styles to choose from. Though I did not take one home this time, I will definitely look for this tent next time.

One thing I noticed this time was that some of the displays were really works of art. Such time and effort to show off all the great finds.

We discovered a new booth on this visit and I just loved everything! I brought home a few treasures for the store!! Check out http://www.fleamarketchics.blogspot.com/. Again, I would have taken a whole lot more if we had the room. Nice lady, great finds, good prices...right up my alley!

What really adds to the thrill of the hunt is music. When we arrived this lovely lady was very focused on playing a Christmas carol and with gloves on to boot! I have to say, it made me think about what day it really was! She has lost in her music. I am sure I am not the only one that she made smile that day!

Another new discovery was made in Mount Vernon, WA. If you are in the area, Red Door Antique Mall is a must! I could have filled my whole van here! This is one store I would make a special trip to visit!

This sadly is the one that got away! It was love at first sight! Oh how I want to take this tub home with me, and well, I thought about it too long and went home without it. Now I think about it all the time! Lesson learned...when you really love something, just "do it". Say those little words that make us so happy...."I'll take it"!

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