Welcome to Cannon Beach, Oregon

Our first morning we enjoyed a wonderful home cooked breakfast and good old-fashioned service at The Lazy Susan Cafe. I highly recommend a meal here while you are in town. Check out The cafe itself is not large but the flavours are, so enjoy!

After breakfast we walked the main street and discovered this great little shop called The Buttery. The woman was lovely and everything was so pretty. Visit here too!

I was told that I MUST visit Sesame and Lilies and I DID and I LOVED IT! I took a few photos to share but there is nothing like experiencing the beauty in person. This stop is an absolute MUST while visiting Cannon Beach.

Love it!

Oh, I love this too!

So many rooms, my head was spinning!

Just look at these antique doors and the pillows and....

Another room, another amazing display!

Yet, another room. Can I take it all?

It never ends, I had to come back twice! (thanks kids)
Please visit

Well, we did more than shop...we hit the beach and we hit the waves!

Okay, I didn't hit the waves, but I was very busy studying the environment, (he, he) just look at those fabulous homes. I wonder who lives there?? I know I would want to live here!

We all had an amazing time at the beach, everyone was happy doing their thing.

Good old fashioned "FAMILY TIME".

No I-pods, no computer games, no telephone, life is good!

(and to think we all survived!)

Even Sargent had a good time, just look at that smile!

I did think about work a little...

After a day of exploring we returned to our cottage to discover that Tuesday was the Cannon Beach Farmers Market, so we just had to check it out. There was music, fresh bread, fresh fruit and veggies, seafood, flowers, jams and chutneys. The market was not huge but it offered everything you needed to make a delicious meal.

This was our first visit to Cannon Beach and you can bet it will not be our last!

Looks like it is time to build a fire and enjoy an evening beverage.

Tomorrow is another day to explore.

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