Welcome to the Farm Chicks Antique Show in Spokane Washington. We arrived one hour before the doors opened and this was our place in line! I guess it's not bad considering there is about 4000 people behind us! The bad part was that everyone in front of us purchased all the good stuff before we even entered the building!

Saturday was crazy busy, you couldn't even get close to some of the booths. We purchased weekend passes and were able to be the first ones in on Sunday so that I could take some pictures, talk to some creative people and to be inspired! Even though the booths were picked over, they still looked so beautiful.

Here is Junebug Furniture & Design. You can visit them at

This had to be one of my most memorable discoveries. The tag under the statue reads "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are", e.e.cummings. It brought tears to my eyes and I am wondering if I should have purchased this love? It is funny what touches our heart. This creation is by the Junk Girls and you can visit them at

More great Junk Girls creations! I think this might be a fun project to do with my kids! Just a great way to recycle and reuse old spoons!

This is a funny shot of the top of a booth by Bungalow Creations but I just loved how they built this structure using old ladders. I think my "structure builder" Mike would like to build me an arbour with old ladders!!! Love it!

Here is a pretty booth by Maison Douce.

One of my favorite booths was Retreat. I just loved everything here! Lots of great ideas. Please visit them at Enjoy!

I loved everything in Anne's booth but unfortunately almost everything was sold by the time I reached her. Once I got home, I remember how much I loved her booth last year too! I did however purchase a few pillows and they will be available for sale at TPH. Anne owns Chateau Chic Antiques.

I am still wondering if I should have taken this chair. I think this is my happy place!

I wanted these pillows too but someone beat me to it!

I was also on a hunt for cowboy boots but again I came home in runners! I just don't understand it. Is everyone a size 8.5? The Farm Chicks Show brings out the flowered aprons, flowing skirts, cowboy hats and boots! Maybe next year I can be a Farm Chick too!

Enamelware anyone and everyone! Big Ship Salvage Enamelware had rows and rows upon colour, shapes and sizes.

Something about old clock faces I find very attractive and I loved this pillow too!

Another clock...just like the one I painted in my living room. I think I will make one of these for the store. What do you think?

Lots and lots of pretty and shiny!

Everything goes at the Farm Chicks Show!

The Rusty Bird was such a creative lady. Home of the most unique, individually crafted bird cages and birds nest. Check it out at

Frog anyone?

Another creative structure built out of old wood sash windows. It was like a petite greenhouse. I may try my hand at recreating this too! (In my spare time!!)

After the show I opened up the back of our van and it looked like almost everything I purchased was turquoise. So, if you like this colour, stay tuned for our sale at TPH... "The Farm Chicks in Canada"!

So many lovely displays! It was a crazy two days. We drove, we ran, we shopped, we ate, we drank, we had conversation, we met new friends, we were inspired, we had fun! Mike said it was like watching me with my long lost sisters. Who knew that so many people in one place would love rust and chippy paint as much as I do!

It was a very long drive home. We occupied ourselves with singing really loudly, checking out over peoples licence plates, waving at fellow Canadians, though there weren't many and a leisurely walk at a scenic stop...I don't think so!

All Farm Chick treasures will be for sale at TPH later this month, so stay tuned for a special event! C

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