Come with me for a visit to FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS STUDIO TOUR in Yarrow BC!

Meet Donna "the women who can do it all" and CEO of Junky Funk Interiors!

Donna was kind enough to welcome my whole family into her home to take a first hand look at all her amazing creations and repurposed JUNK! (Of course we all know that it is not really junk at all, but diamonds in the rough) The first thing I noticed at the front door was this great dresser with the fun use of numbers. (I am going to do this too!) I love the layering of the old wood sash windows and is that burlap I see?

The opposite wall from the dresser is this amazing coat rack! It looks right off the farm. Under the rack is a long bench that you can sit at to put on your shoes and under the bench are baskets for storage. Just a great use of space!

What is this you ask??? Why it is the stairs going up stairs of course!

I just could not stop looking at the great staircase that Donna has built. The use of reclaimed lumber and notice the old yard sticks!!! Each step is a unique piece of art!

Talking about art...check out her TV stand. Donna made this from an old pallet, ingenuous! The crates underneath hold her movies. There were many crates and old boxes in the room consealing many everyday objects like her stereo and speakers.

The living room mantel was just beautiful! This women did it all! Donna has a BLOG with how to do must check it out

Another unique vinette in Donna's front room is made up of an old wood gate, ladder, old game boards and that black trunk not only looks great, it makes for extra storage!

Just look at this side table with the "Game Board Tray". I love it! Well, I loved it all!

Another amazing idea are these no sew curtains. She has taken a sheet, folded it over an old wooded hanger and secured in place with clothes pegs!!

Here is a full shot of that curtain. My head is swimming with ideas!

On the other window instead of a sheet she has used a painters drop cloth and sewn on little buttons. So simple and just look at the results!

This old bed spring I just love. Donna has it hanging on her wall in the kitchen and uses it as a message center. LOVE IT!

Another vinette in the kitchen is this lattice piece. It looks like a tool caddy with plates inside and I think I see little hooks along the bottom to hold keys??

I had a customer come into the store the other day looking for something funky to put her pencils in for the kitchen. I have to say, I did not think of this idea! How fun!

Or what about this idea?

Let us move on into the bathroom. Donna made this cute shutter out of reclaimed barn board. I have stacks of this at home and might just give this project a try. I also love the coloured jars on the window sill. So simple and so beautiful!

Here is one of my favorites...we just never have enough room to hang all our towels. I think this is an old door and again, great use of numbers! LOVE THIS TOO!

As I have always said...You can never have enough ladders!

At the end of the hall is the master bedroom. My heart is quickening and sorry Mike, it is not you and how close you are behind me...its Donna! Just look at this bedroom. The pictures just do not do it justice. What a place to relax at the end of the day. Donna has really created a mood and I love the "Messy Bed" (I think she gives lessons on this technique)

The headboard is made from an old wood door, garden gate and tin. The bedding was linen, lace, cotton and burlap.

I thought my cat, Popsicle was comfy...I hope she doesn't see this picture or I won't hear the end of it!

Breakfast in bed anyone?

I really like the idea of the old iron headboard on the dresser. You can really appreciate its beauty.

This is the window in the master...are those tealights in the jars?? Another great idea!

Even the backyard was filled with inspiration. Thank you so much Donna for taking the time to share all your creations with me and my family. I really appreciate you and all that you do! Please visit Funky Junk Interiors and be inspired!

If you have found any or all of these ideas to bring inspiration, I encourage you to take action and let your creativity flow! C