Burlap is good for so much more than just a sack race!

It seems like every time I open up a decor magazine there is some piece of furniture upholstered in burlap. I love it! Burlap is a coarse woven fabric usually made of jute or other vegetable fibers. It is durable, breathable and environmentally friendly.

The texture of burlap may have you thinking it may be just for rustic country decor, but just take a look at this daybed sofa with French Empire carving from

In the garden burlap not only makes for a biodegradable weed barrier but it sets for a lovely garden party! Table covers, placemats and runners..OH MY!

Though burlap would not make the best curtains in direct sunlight, these curtains make a beautiful room divider! The neutral colour makes it easy to add to any decor. It also adds texture and character.

Crafting with burlap is fun. It makes for a great backing for cork boards or bulletin boards. If you can sew, the opportunities are limitless. Pillows, bags, garden apron and even clothes!

When I was in grade school, I even remember my dad wallpapering our hallway with burlap! I thought he was crazy! Who knew?

The Passionate Home carries these beautiful pillows made by Aimee at Check out her site for other burlap creations!

A natural fabric, burlap is recyclable and may one day surpass cotton as the most used natural fiber. I know that I have been inspired to consider burlap for my next project. What about you?

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