Bling anyone? Old door knobs are a great find and can be used for so many different things. They add history and interest! Here you can see that they have been added to an Antique Iron Bed. This 3/4 size iron head and foot board would be a great start to set the tone for a guest room or cottage bedroom.

When building furniture or changing up older pieces, you can use door knobs instead of traditional pulls. The unexpected really makes a piece special! You could change up your door knobs to your bathroom or pantry! You could use the knobs to hang tab curtains or use as curtain tie backs. I have also seen a door knob attached to a wall and used to hang a picture by a beautiful thick ribbon!

Old door knobs come in all sorts of shapes and colours. These knobs are black and have been added to an old wood window that has been converted into a mirror. This restyled beauty can be used for coats, hats or jewelry. To change the look you can create this project in any colour and with any knobs.

Heather from The Fresh View Magazine purchased these glass knobs from The Passionate Home and had her handy man install them to make a grand entrance to her shed! This is not your typical shed, just look at the vintage panel doors in glossy black, WOW! Thanks for sharing Heather!

It may sound funny put I have seen many a smiling face when people see the old door knobs. They seem to surface fond memories! Take a moment and think how you can add a bit of history into your decor!

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