This old door was a great find! After some serious cleaning, I painted the bottom with chalkboard paint and added the stenciled numbers. This door would look great in an entry to a mud room or pantry. (Old screen doors are great for the pantry too!) You could also just lean it against the wall, add a few hooks and it would be the perfect spot for the dog leash and your favorite straw hat!

I can hear these old doors crying out for attention! I once took a 15 panel door like the one in this photo, added mirrors into each square and stained the door a rich walnut. It looked beautiful! We hung it horizontally in a clients hallway...very nice!

I kept this old crackled door for some time before I decided what to do with it. We attached some barn wood shelves with decorative banister posts, attached an old rake and tin ceiling tiles to make this creative herb door for the garden or sunroom.

Old doors can also be used as functional and stylish furniture pieces. In my den at home, we took two old white and chippy doors and added 4 x 4 posts, painted black, as legs and made one really long desk. We used a small two drawer filling cabinet in between, to divide a his and her space! We topped each door with a piece of glass and we were ready to go!

Here is another great example of repurposing old doors into unique furniture! Just leaning three doors against the wall is a super easy decorating project with huge impact!

You can also have fun with a five panel door and hang it horizontally behind your bed to create a custom headboard.

Another great example of reclaiming and restyling is this coffee table. Doors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes!

What about building these bookcases out of old doors!! A great way to recycle and reuse! The ideas are endless...

You could build a whole room using reclaimed doors and windows! Who wouldn't love this space?? I know I would!! You could use your old doors as a gateway to your secret garden or to your secret garden room!