My passion is to share with you fresh and creative ideas on how to use found objects, everyday items and treasured finds in your decor! To some people a simple object is nothing but a simple object; to others it represents limitless possibilities!

My weekly PASSION PLAN is to post about one item from my store, "The Passionate Home", and give you countless ideas and uses for that item.

The goal is to inspire that "Ah ha" moment in you life.

~ To get you excited and passionate about your home
~ To save you money on decorating
~ To help you create a home that is unique to you and shines with your own personality!

Welcome to our first weekly
IDEATION - (idea generation) the process of creating new ideas

This is an original Antique Chinese Water Bucket which measures 12.75" in height and 13" round. It is the perfect addition in a spa inspired bathroom. Fill it with your extra rolls of toilet paper or store rolled up fluffy white towels. Use this bucket by your fireplace to display your firewood or fill with greenery and pinecones during the winter months. This bucket is great for magazines or newspapers in any room. And if you have small children, the Chinese Bucket makes a beautiful and functional storage place for small toys! How about by your back door for umbrellas? In the kitchen for onions? It makes for a beautiful planter or fill it up with ice to keep your beer and wine chilled! How would you use this Antique Chinese Water Bucket in your home? Feel free you comment and share your ideas!

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