Recently two ladies were all a giggle when they arrived at the store. They were so excited about their adventure over the new Golden Ears Bridge that connects Maple Ridge to Langley. They were loving all the great shops along the one way in downtown Langley! She told me that that Maple Ridge did not have the same quaint shopping area but they did have some amazing parks. That day I thanked her for visiting and in turn I would visit the great outdoors in Maple Ridge. Two weeks later my family is packed and ready for our first family camping trip. Please join us on our adventure!


Welcome to Gold Creek Campground located in Golden Ears Provincial Park near Alouette Lake in Maple Ridge. What do you think?? Not bad for beginners! Check out the hammock! This is REAL satellite dishes here!

Looks like a great day for a hike in the wilderness!

Come with us for a hike up to the Lower Falls.

Look up!


The Lower Falls marked the end to our hike. We were so close you could feel the cool spray. So much beauty, so close to home! Well. time to turn around and hike back to camp. It is true, we always move quicker when headed for home!

Max had a great time climbing on the rocks at the bottom of the Falls. A boy is all about adventure!

The beauty of mother nature! It was a beautiful day!

This was Sargents first time in the water and boy did he love it! Just look at his smile!

After our hike we headed down to the lake. Did I mention we had to carry the boat, the life jackets, the paddles and the towels through the steep trails down to the water!!
I am sure there must have been an easier way!

Here is a great photo of Mike and Max on Alouette Lake in our 25 year old inflatable kayak. We had to take turns, two at a time, otherwise the air would leak out of the bottom way too quickly! They do look a bit too far out to swim back! It was a great time and our "boating" trip was a success but I think our old trusty kayak was seen it's last adventure!
I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we enjoyed our weekend!


Feb 06, 2016

I wish we were there with you guys!
Have you thought about the fact that part of your incredible creativity can be found in your photos? You have a wonderful eye.
Love you.

Feb 06, 2016

Another great post Carrie! We too were planning a camping weekend next weekend, but now calling for low temps dipping to 7 C. Can’t imagine those late night treks to the outdoors…brrrr. Loved all of your pics!! Looking forward to the next:).

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