Thank you to Pamela from for sharing this award with me! Being new to this blogging world I am excited to take part in the fun! So here we go...The rules that go with this award require listing 7 things you love that show your creativity, then link back to the person who gave you the award and pass it along to 7 other bloggers!
My 7 Creative Things
1) I love to salvage and treasure hunt for something old and discarded and make it useful and beautiful!
2) I have to say that I am quite creative in telling stories to my children so that it is not too obvious that I am sending them a "MESSAGE" or teaching them a "LIFE LESSON".
3)It is my PASSION to create beautiful and practical spaces in my own home and also to share my ideas with others.
4) My mind seems to be a constant buzz with new ideas, new ventures and with dreaming up ways to make a difference in the world.
5) I want to be creative in my BLOG layout and I hope to take some time to learn! (see, I even changed the colour...there is no stopping me now!)
6) I am constantly exercising my creativity by finding better ways to be organized!
7) My shop "THE PASSIONATE HOME" is a constant outlet for my creativity. I want to offer 'ALL THINGS WONDERFUL", unique and eclectic; focusing of local artisans and the three "R's", RECLAIM~RESTYLE~REDECORATE!
Thanks again Pamela! Have a great day!