Road trip anyone? Mike and I hit the road Friday morning with our new GPS programed to our hotel in Spokane Washington. I really wanted to go to the Farm Chicks Antique Show and I missed out last year, so this year, nothing was going to stop me! Nothing but our GPS that told us to make a legal U turn as soon as possible....we had not even crossed the border yet! A stop for a map, a few wrong turns, a beer in Leavensworth and nine hours later, we arrive! We park next to a car that has its windows painted "Farm Chicks or Bust". I am thinking this trip is more of a Thelma and Louise trip then an opportunity to reconnect with your husband kind of trip! We arrived to find we are the guests of the day and are upgraded to a suite!!! Hot tub anyone?? I am thinking my feet will need the jets after the show. I don't think that is what Mike was thinking!! A quick bite to eat and it is off to bed to rest up for the big day!

.: Well, we arrived at 9am Saturday morning, one full hour before the doors open and look where we are in this line up!!!!! Lucky for Mike, we scored a good parking spot! I think by 4:30pm he had made just a few trips to the car!!!

They have opened the gates, it must be almost 10am!

I just loved this little stool and when I went back for it, it was gone!!! But, I did bring home one that was even better!!!!

Girls just wanta have fun!!

Mike said that I had to leave this guy behind. Maybe next time!

So many beautifully decorated booths!

These ladies use moss in weird and wonderful ways. Here they have framed it! They also used moss to cover lampshades and chandeliers!


Feb 06, 2016

I have chosen your blog to pass the Kreative Blogger Award to. Here is the link

Lady Pamela
Feb 06, 2016

Hi Carrie,
Great blog, wonderful eye candy (photos)! How about organizing a group trip next year? Wouldn’t that be fun!
Keep up the good work.

Lady Pamela
Feb 06, 2016

So enjoying your roadtrips…great pics Carrie! I’m green with envy and wish the distance wasn’t so great…looks like an awesome event. Wishing you and your fam a wonderful summer! Leslie

My Painted Porch
Feb 06, 2016

Looks like you had so much fun!!!

Thanks for sharing your day!

Feb 06, 2016

Hi Carrie, thanks so much for leaving me nice note about my dog Harley. I really do appreciate it. I’m so jealous you got to go to Farm chicks!! I bet you had a wonderful time!!

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