On My Mind: Emergency Preparedness Week

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.38.10 AMThe first week of May is Emergency Preparedness Week…are you ready?

As one of my passions is making spaces beautiful, by far the most important part of my home is the people who live in it and for that reason, we are prepared. As a family we have prepared and packed up together our "earthquake kit". Every year we go through it, make changes, refresh canned goods and double check everything. On December 29, 2015 here in Langley, we experienced the real thing as I am sure you all did as well and that realization of just how fast our lives can change was frightening, knowing that we had our kit ready brought me some comfort. I wish this comfort for you, I want you to be ready!

Take action May 7th with a visit to Quake Cottage. They are hosting a Simulated Earthquake Shake Zone event. Feel what it's like and learn what to do during the "shake" and what to do after it's stopped. This is a ticketed event, and there will be prizes!

Would you and your family know a broadcast alert if you heard one? Here is a great video introducing Canada's new alter system.

Let us know what's in your earthquake preparedness kit in the comments below, we'd love to hear about them!

xo Carrie

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