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All Above Items Were Painted With ONE Can of Provence Chalk Paint™

To celebrate Canada's 150th, we are collecting 150 testimonials sharing your love of
Chalk Paint decorative paint by Annie Sloan and giving away 
$25 every week!
We invite you to share your Chalk Paint projects on Facebook and Instagram.  Tell us what colours you are using and show us your before/after photos and or video.  It is that easy... you are entered to WIN.  
Increase your chances of winning by entering every week.  Each entry is limited to one per week and every entry must showcase a different project.
Make sure you hashtag #chalkpaint150 and #thepassionatehome
Here is an example posted on Instagram:
Get posting and be sure to follow along ... you may just find 
inspiration for your next project!

We're Hiring!

The Passionate Home Is Hiring!

We are currently hiring for both full and part-time retail clerks.
If you have retail experience, truly enjoy working with people, and have a knack for interior decorating and creating beautiful inspiring spaces, a "natural" when it comes to visualization, merchandising, colour and décor, then you may be a perfect fit as part of The Passionate Home's growing team!  

About The Passionate Home

The Passionate Home in downtown Langley helps people create a beautiful life. Although every little turn within the walls of our 4,000 sq. ft. reclaimed space brings a new delightful discovery-like custom restyled furniture pieces and unique jewelry, luxurious soaps and lotions, original artwork and vintage flea market finds-it's the attention to detail and the inspiring encouragement that customers experience that keeps them coming back.

We love our customers, including their pets, and it seems the feeling is mutual. The Passionate Home was just recognized as a finalist in two categories in the Langley Times Readers Choice Award  for both Home Décor and Specialty Furniture Store.

How To Apply

Send your resume and cover letter to or deliver them in person at The Passionate Home, 20528 Fraser Hwy, Langley.
Deadline to apply is July 14, 2017.
We look forward to reading your application!
Carrie and The Passionate Home Team

How to Dye Fabric with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan

Dyeing fabric is super easy and fun to do so we thought it was worth
revisiting the first time Carrie tried dyeing fabric:
I did it! It's something I've been wanting to try for quite some time - ever since the Color Recipes for Painted Furniture book by Annie Sloan came into the store - dyeing fabric with Chalk Paint™.
I wasn't sure what was going to happen or how it would turn out, so I was a little nervous. I should have known better - it's Annie Sloan, of course it's going to turn out! I started with my Nana's vintage lace table cloth and chose to follow Annie's lead with Aubusson Blue paint.
Here's what I used as per Annie:
  • Aubusson Blue paint (or any Chalk Paint™ colour)
  • Water
  • White linen sheet (a natural fabric such as linen or cotton works best)
  • Large, old metal tub (I used a Rubbermaid tub)
  • A wooden stick for stirring
  • Rubber gloves (optional)
The recipe is simple:
  1. Ratio is 1 part paint to 20 parts water, but you can adjust depending on how dark you'd like the colour to be
  2. Pour the paint into the tub
  3. Slowly mix in the water and stir with the wooden spoon
  4. Place the fabric in the tub and let soak for about 30 minutes
  5. Once colour intensity has been achieved, pull the fabric out and hang to dry
It was really so easy! Here's how my project turned out:
It really is as easy as it sounds. Stop by the store to pick up your copy of Color Recipes for Painted Furniture or ask us for more details on how to DIY this easy project.
I was thinking about how we often put away these special items we inherit and don't use them too often for fear of ruining them. Well, I've decided that's just silly – they should be enjoyed. So, I took a customer up on her offer to make a beautiful jacket out of this special piece of fabric. We've made the table cloth into a very sweet jacket and made several more so you're welcome to stop in and see it.



Who Loves A Wedding?  I DO!

Who Loves A Wedding? I DO!

With Wedding Season in full swing, we thought we would share some trends on decorating for the Vintage, Rustic or Farmhouse Wedding!
The guest book! No longer do we need to have the "old-school" book that our parents did, soon after boxed away and placed in the attic.  Why not create a unique and sentimental keepsake for you and your new MR!
Come into the store to see our selection of vintage globes and wood benches like below.

Get creative and brainstorm with your significant other about what interactive idea best represents you as a couple and get to crafting!

A vintage bench is a super sweet. Create indoor or outdoor seating with this
memorable keepsake.
In LOVE with this lovely trend like I am? Making your own Mr & Mrs reception chair signs can be SO easy with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan! They could be made of anything from recycled wood to canvas and ribbon or burlap. I love this project because it’s achievable for even the beginner DIYer. Whether you paint free hand or use a stencil, these personalized signs can be completed in a few short hours.
Stencils, Barn Board and Chalk Paint are all available in store!
Customize your centerpieces with your signature wedding style and colour theme using mason jars.  Add colour with Chalk Paint™ and accent with fresh florals, LED lights, burlap or ribbon. 
We are always getting rustic ladders, crates and suitcases in-store!
Add vintage suitcases for your cards.
Crates are great for display, creating height and a rustic feel instead of
traditional tables and stands.
Vintage windows and mirrors can be used to frame and reflect your wedding style. Use them to display your seating chart, menu or even display engagement photos.

Barrels and doors create interesting gift tables, beverage stations and archways. 



For more inspiration visit us on Pinterest


Make sure you come into The Passionate Home and we will help you find the items needed to recreate all the above ideas.

We also offer some beautiful items for rentals so inquire today and

we can help you customize your special day!



Our #THPMonthly Makeover March Edition!

Our #THPMonthly Makeover March Edition!

Monthly makeover

This week our March #tphmakeover winner pick up her finished piece and in her words she was "blown away with how her Grandma's buffet turned out!" We are so glad she is happy. Elisa wanted a bright finish and mentioned two colours... read on to see the transformation and the steps we took to create this look. Thank you Elisa for trusting us!

We started by giving the whole piece a good solid coat of Florence Chalk Paint

monthly makeover


monthly makeover

Once that was dry we dry brushed two colours letting each one dry between coats.  As Elisa loved bright colours, we choose Giverney and Aubusson Blue. 

monthly makeover

monthly makeover


We gave the whole piece a gentle sand with a fine sanding block to soften the dry brush lines and followed with a coat of Clear Wax.

monthly makeover

We love how the colours make her metallic hardware pop!

monthly makeover

Transforming an old forgotten piece of furniture into a worthy centre-piece couldn't be easier with Chalk paint™! Stop by the store and check out our selection of Chalk Paint™ colours and anything else you need to start your own DIY project. Make sure to also follow us on Instagram for hints, tips and inspiration!

There is still time to enter April's #TPHMonthlyMakeover. Closing date for entries is the 14th April but any entries submitted too late for the April contest will be entered into the May edition! Click here for full entry instructions!


Go Green For 2017!

Go Green For 2017!

2017 is most certainly the year of green! From clothing to home decor and everything in between. We believe in “going green” and we are excited to see the colour green pop everywhere. At the beginning of the year, Annie Sloan was picking green to be one of the major colour trends of 2017.  At the beginning of our 4th month it seems Annie is spot on and she has once again shared her thoughts on the trend and offered up some excellent inspiration for us all!

Embrace old textures!

From deep, rich Amsterdam Green, to fresh, zesty mixes of lime green, there's a shade out there to suit everyone. Furniture which already has lots of delicious texture is great, in fact we should celebrate it! That's just what was done with this rustic table. The naturally distressed surface was highlighted using Chalk Paint™ and Wax. 

This process was started by giving this rustic dining table a classic French look using Chalk Paint™ in Antibes Green to paint the legs. Then the green was knocked back with lashings of Black Wax.

For the tabletop, Old White was diluted with water to create a wash. This was then sealed with Clear Wax. You can learn more about this technique in our Chalk Paint workshops!


Green Colour Trend

2017's Hottest Trend

This beautiful botanical inspired cabinet was painted by the lovely Tamsyn Morgans who runs the lifestyle and interiors blog ‘The Villa' on Mount Pleasant.

She says: " I am a big lover of shades of green, from minty fresh greens through to turquoise and teal, and shades of green pop up a lot in my home." Our kind of woman!

By painting the outside of the cabinet in Antibes Green and the inside Florence, she has created a gorgeous pop of colour for her house, and it sits prettily amongst her plants. A coat of Clear Wax seals in all of her hard work



Green colour trend 2017 Mix It Up! 

Mixing English Yellow and Antibes Green created this lime green colour to match a beloved vase.

A smooth finish was painted to keep to the mid-century modern look, and just look at how the final piece has turned out!

If you want to see exactly how this piece was transformed, from mixing the perfect green to waxing a smooth finish, take a look at Annie’s video here.

If breathing new life into your home is on top of your to-do list visit us at The Passionate Home. We love to hear about your DIY projects and we have everything you need to get started and be successful!


Breathe New life Into Your Kitchen With Chalk Paint™!

Breathe New life Into Your Kitchen With Chalk Paint™!

Annie Sloan’s newsletter is always an excellent source of inspiration for all things chalk paint and this month has not disappointed! She has so many great ideas to help inspire us to try new kitchen design ideas and techniques. Every kitchen should have a character. Some capture a style that’s sleek and cool, while others are more comfy and colourful. If you have fallen out of love with your kitchen, but are daunted by the idea of updating it, you are not alone! To renovate your kitchen to suit your style can be time consuming and incredibly expensive.

However, Annie describes a number of less disruptive, more affordable and fun ways to breathe new life into your kitchen – by refreshing it with Chalk Paint!

Cool & Urban Kitchens

Renovate your kitchen

If you like kitchens to be cool, urban and with an industrial twist, it’s best to stick with steely greys and neutrals. Photographer and Chalk Paint™ user Paul Massey used Chalk Paint to create this relaxed warehouse style in his kitchen in London.

To achieve something similar, try a colour palette of Old White, Paris Grey and French Linen, and Annie also offers up suggestions to pair it with industrial elements such as metro tiles and pendant lamps to really make your kitchen POP!

Country Cottage Kitchens

renovate your kitchen

For a more country-cottage look, try out the classic combination of bare wood with pale creams or whites. You can see this done here on a vintage sideboard, but you could also do the same on your kitchen cabinets or kitchen island. For the cabinet doors, you could use Original, Cream or Old White.

Remember, if you don't have the right type of wood for this look, you can always fake it! In fact, Annie Sloan confessed to cheating by using Chalk Paint Wax to give the orange pine that rich mahogany look.

Scandinavian Simplicity

renovate your kitchen

If you want something a little bolder, why not go monochrome? At once both modern and retro, sticking to a monochrome palette is also a beautiful way to add a slightly Scandinavian vibe to your kitchen.

Another fellow Annie Sloan Stockist in Gällstad, Sweden, Trendrummet has done this gorgeously in their kitchen, painting the wood panelled walls with Chalk Paint in Graphite. Pair the black with Pure for a crisp finish.

renovate your kitchenOne of the most frequently asked question when it comes to updating your kitchens is 'how do I seal it?' Regardless of style, you must finish the paint with either Wax or Lacquer. We much prefer the finish of Chalk Paint
Wax, where you can add two to three coats on top of the paintwork using one of our Wax Brushes and wiping away the excess wax as you go.

renovate your kitchenYou can, of course, use Lacquer on the cabinets instead. But do test the Lacquer over the paint on an inconspicuous area first to make sure there isn't any bleed through. Whether you choose Wax or Lacquer to finish your work, make sure that you give your kitchens a thorough clean before transforming them with my paint and products.


If a kitchen renovation is on top of your list, make sure to come see us at The Passionate Home! We are always happy to help with any hints, tips or techniques and of course we have everything you need to up your Chalk Paint game!

Easy Decor Ideas For a Chalk Paint™ Novice

Easy Decor Ideas For a Chalk Paint™ Novice

So you’ve seen what can be achieved with a pot of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint by your side and now you’ve decided you want to get in on all the fun! If you are a beginner to the world of Chalk Paint™ (or even a seasoned pro), has compiled some simple but creative DIY decor ideas that’ll help get your DIY Chalk Paint game going!


DIY Brushstroke Painted Lamp

Easy Decor Ideas For a Chalk Paint™ Novice

First up and just like all the ideas here, have been created using Chalk Paint™. This brushstroke painted lamp by lifestyle blogger Bee of Windgate Lane is actually a recreation of a much more expensive designer lamp she fell in love with but couldn’t swallow the $400 price tag – and why should she when she could recreate the look on her own? Armed with a $12 lamp she found at the craft store, Bee painted the base with a few coats of Pure White before adding haphazard swirls of Aubusson Blue to complete the look. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…


Cute Kitchen Utensils

Easy Decor Ideas For a Chalk Paint™ Novice

This idea was born out of pure tiredness from looking at boring old bread boards and wooden utensils on her kitchen counter. So Katrina Chambers, lifestyle and design blogger decided to give them a little hit of colour with a combination of Antibes Green, Antoinette, Barcelona Orange, Provence, Graphite and Pure White. Once completely cured, both Chalk Paint™ and Chalk Paint™ Wax are food safe so Katrina can continue to use these when entertaining at home!


Upscale An Older Piece

Easy Decor Ideas For a Chalk Paint™ Novice

The beauty of DIY projects like these is how you can take seemingly worthless old pieces of furniture and turn them into one of a kind pieces that become the centre of the room! Another easy DIY décor idea is to upcycle a TV tray like lifestyle blogger Tiffany of offbeat + inspired did. Tiffany used Paris Grey and Old White to turn this $1 garage sale into a one of a kind piece that really has a fresh and dare we say it, expensive look!


Use Chalk Paint Outdoors too!

Easy Decor Ideas For a Chalk Paint™ Novice

Last but certainly not least is a series of garden pots painted by one of Annie Sloan’s former Painters in Residence Beau Ford of Drip Designs Furniture in Western Australia. Beau took some old garden pots and used a very simple technique to give a striking finish! She used Coco, Provence, Greek Blue, Pure White, custom berry red and just painted very sloppily to achieve the finish she was going for - isn’t it awesome?

Hopefully you know by now that DIY projects don’t need to be difficult or detailed, in fact sometimes the most simple ideas are the ones that work out best (and get the most attention from guests). So now is the time to upcycle that coffee table or bench that you’ve always wanted to refresh!

Be sure to stop by The Passionate Home and pick up some hints and tips while choosing which Chalk Paint™ colours you want to use, we have everything you need!  


Discover Scandinavian Pink

Discover Scandinavian Pink

On trend colours come and go but the effect they have on your home is huge! Including that colour that just transforms the whole room is something that we all want to achieve and this is made that bit more achievable with the expertise of Annie Sloan. With everything from hints and tips, to the hottest upcoming trends and technniques, Annie shares her thoughts through her monthly newsletter.

Here, she discusses how terracotta hues are being tipped as one of the strongest trends for interiors in 2017 and we have already began to see some beautifully earthy pinkish tones cropping up all over the place!

Scandinavian Pink fits this trend perfectly.  Annie shows us a couple of examples of how to get the most out of this versatile colour...  

Introducing Scandinavian Pink

This chest of drawers was started by painting the piece in Scandinavian Pink and then accents of Barcelona Orange, Florence and French Linen were added to create a textured finish, full of depth.

Introducing Scandinavian Pink









This piece has been given a wonderful sense of history using ChalkPaint. Started once again by painting the piece in Scandinavian Pink, distressed the paint quite heavily in areas using sanding pads, and then applied Dark Chalk Paint Wax and details of Brass Leaf. 
We love how the inside of the piece is painted in Old Ochre and a pretty pattern using Annie Sloan’s Branches Stencil in Olive and Primer Red has been added. 

Scandinavian Pink is inspired by traditional colours found in Swedish interiors from the past. In some places this colour would have originally been a deep red oxblood and has faded to this beautiful colour over the years.

The most eagle eyed amongst you might have spotted another colour that has featured heavily in these projects, both in the background, and also on the pieces themselves...Graphite!

Introducing Scandinavian Pink

Pink and black is not a colour combination that we are normally drawn to, but using the background of a black wall to make a piece of painted furniture pop really works!      

The above piece by a fellow Chalk Paint stockist in Lisbon, Portugal, Atelier Auténtico is painted in Graphite and a mix of Scandinavian Pink and Old White, it looks amazing right?

We have everything you need for your next DIY upcycling project! Drop into the store of check out our online store for all your Chalk Paint needs!

Introducing Two BRAND NEW Workshops!

We are thrilled to bring you two brand new workshops this month, we already cover a vast array of tasks and projects in our existing workshops. However, starting March 19th, we will host our very first Rustic Wood Plank Clock Workshop.

We will bring you through the step by step process to create this aged looking rustic clock which really adds character to the home. All materials are included (excluding clock mechanism) and we have had the wood cut-outs custom made specifically for these workshops. You can find full details here!


The second of the new workshops being introduced this month is the Canadian Flag Sign Making workshop. Let your patriotic side takeover and show your pride to create your very own 22” Wood Flag to add to your décor all year round.

Once again, all materials will be included so all you will need to show off your Canadian spirit is your two hands and a willingness to get them dirty! You can find full details here

We are also constantly adding new dates to our existing workshops so be sure to check out our webpage for updates! 

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